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WeMo business.

a while back i bought a WeMo Switch. The initial purpose was to replace a wireless light switch in my house and have the light controlled through the WeMo instead through an iPhone app or a schedule. After discovering that the WeMo could interact with IFTTT, this turned into some experimentation as groundwork for my eventual goal of creating a physical audio/visual interactive device that's controlled by the internet.

Earlier this week, i bought a WeMo Motion. It's basically a Switch but with the added bonus of a motion sensor - right now if it senses motion it automatically turns my light on and then automatically shuts off after 15 seconds of no longer detecting motion, a setting that i can control. It can be set to different sensitivities, and it works very well so far.

IFTTT can interact with this as well, so right now i have it set up where if motion is detected by the WeMo Motion, it automatically posts a Tweet with time specifics. This has a lot of interesting potential for adding a local variable to the interactive installation. I could set the sensor just *outside* of my apartment door in a way that it could potentially pick up passersby or cars driving by maybe, which could affect variables in an installation differently than an internet trigger. Maybe if i can record all of the time stamps, i can then take that data and turn that into variables that change the nature of the installation once it gets activated by someone online. Pitch, duration, or some other physical motion.

There's still the other problem of the fact that IFTTT right now can only recognize one device on a network. I explored the idea of trying to create two unique networks with my one router, but apparently that's router specific and my router is too old or not the right sort of model to set that up. This makes it *really* tempting for me to go out and buy a new router, but that's just not the right thing to do right now because by the time i progress this forward into something more substantial, maybe IFTTT will have figured out how to deal with multiple devices better or i'll have figured out a different way to achieve what i want.


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