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recently i changed how i set up Padmapper email alerts so that i could manage the data better. Basically, i created new "capture areas" and had them sent to different mendellee.com email addresses - mendel.uptown, mendel.gardendistrict, mendel.midcity, mendel.blackpearl, &c, and then gave each of those unique gmail labels with unique colors. I also had those emails come to me on an hourly basis as opposed to a daily digest.

Several places have come up for rent that i've inquired about. Most didn't get back to me, but late last week, one listing in Mid-City did get back to me in email and she then called me earlier today. It was a basic sort of interview in which she asked "getting to know me questions", asking me about my job, if i was going to be the only one living there, was i smoker, did i have pets, &c.

I asked her some questions too, and aside from the basics (the apartment is attached their house, all utilities are included, there's a backyard, the washer/dryer is in their place, but all i have to do is text her and she'll leave the door open), i found out that she works as a content coordinator across various TV stations and she and her fiancé are huge board game geeks.

The whole thing sounds incredibly promising. The cost per month with all utilities paid will end up being much less than what i pay now per month, and it would be pretty neat if i ended up a part of their board game circle since i was recently lamenting the fact that I don't have a lot of board game friends around here.

I'm going to visit the place on Wednesday to make sure that it will suit my needs as a living space. I hope that it does and am willing to give it some concession if it isn't completely ideal - the conversation i had with the landlord was a pretty good sell, and the timing will work out okay in that it's available on April 15th - enough time for me to give 30 days notice here and casually pack up for a big move. Granted, April 15th is close to around when all of this other stuff is going to come to a head for me - April 22nd is my concert, April 24th is the concert band concert, April 25th i go to Hawaii. But at the very least i can have everything boxed up, most of my stuff in somewhat functioning order, and then come back from Hawaii on the 30th and get the Real Setup working.

Here's hoping. I'm ready for a change.

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