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moving part 2

so the renters for that place in mid-city agreed to have me as their tenant. I'm going to be signing the lease tomorrow.

I visited the place last week and i really liked the space and the people renting it. It's smaller than the place i'm living in right now, but the space is much much nicer. It's a rear apartment attached to a house (where the renters live) that was gutted and completely renovated six months ago - with all new appliances, new ac/heat units, and a clear attention to detail when it comes to making the place weatherproof and energy-efficient. The space i'm living in right now is too big for me anyway - i don't make great use of the space and have built up a lot of unnecessary clutter, so i'm ready for a reset.

More than that, though, is that I'm finally reaching a point where I want to put a lot more care into the space that i'm living. When i moved to New Orleans into where i'm living right now, i conceived it as a temporary space - i never meant to live there for as long as i have, and i therefore didn't put a lot of care into making the space truly feel like my own. It wasn't Home.

When i first started looking for a new place, I knew that i wanted it to be somewhere that I could make into my own space, a place that truly reflected my personality, my sense of self, and a sense of professional domesticism. I want to buy a new couch, a new bedframe, maybe a new computer desk - and some other odds and ends that aren't just a potpourri of random things that have been given to me or things that i've bought without thinking about the bigger picture.

I don't know how long i'm going to live in this new space, but i know that this is where i want this to start. The renters and the place deserve that from me and i deserve that for myself.

The reality is that i probably won't be able to achieve that nearly as soon as i want; with everything else happening in April, it probably won't be until mid-may and summer that I get to truly make the place what I want it to be. With that is some other decisions about what to do with all of the stuff that i actually own - with the smaller space and overall less storage space, i need to figure out how to deal with stuff that is important to me as archives (music sketches and scores, VHS tapes of old marching band performances) but not something that i necessarily want visible in my space. I don't really want to add an external storage space to my monthly costs - my overall cost of living will decrease with this space since i won't be paying for any utilities, and i don't want to negate that savings by adding more to it than i need to.

we'll see what happens. I need to get a feel for the space with my stuff in it first and then shape it, something that i bet will be a june-early july project. In any case, i'm pretty excited about this move, although not without some stress as to how the actual move will work; thankfully i don't have to rush it.

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