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big things.

i have five big music projects on the brain - two with firm deadlines, one with a self-imposed deadline, and two in their beginning phases but are gaining momentum in my brain.

First is Cascadia for the Portland Percussion Group. I wrote a blog entry about what the piece is going to be about and after a slow start it's finally starting to take shape in my head enough that i'm going to start sketching the beginning and some of the big picture out next week. The big picture is lacking in my head at the moment - conceptually i'm not sure exactly how to climax and end the piece - what i want the piece to say, and what sort of impression i want to leave. I think it will start to figure itself out as i start to put serious work into writing it, so i'm not worried about it yet.

Second is the lecture i'm going to be giving at the University of Hawaii about beauty...beholder. That'll be pretty easy - i already wrote about five blog entries about the piece - what it means to me, what it turned out to be, and how it was received. I just have to articulate that into a presentation to a bunch of undergrad and grad school music kiddos.

Third is In a Fast-Paced World, the new title for my octophonic piece previously titled Drive. I recently wrote a blog entry about that too, and i've started looking into how to write it in octophonic emulation before trying to put into a real octophonic space. This is going to result in me buying a bunch of software for my new lappy very soon.

Fourth is an untitled concert band piece that i started sketching after reacquainting myself with John Adams's Lollapalooza. I want to write that for Tulane's Concert Band next year, but we'll see how everything else goes.

And fifth is another wind ensemble/concert band piece that is loosely titled, The Evolution of Appaluse but it'll probably end up being called something else. The underlying concept of the piece is one where there are moments in the piece where parts of the ensemble start applauding enthusiastically in the middle of the piece. My idea of the piece is evolving based on this article. I have ideas of how to incorporate different types of applause for different situations, but i need to figure out what the story is first. This doesn't have any particular deadline - it might be something i develop over the next few years.

As these ideas shape up more, i'll probably blog about them on mendellee.com. I just wanted to do the overview thingy on here because, well, why the hell not.

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