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shifting up a gear.

i can feel things ramping up again as deadlines loom closer. Kind of like what happened in mid-october when i started to feel pressured about beauty...beholder. It feels good to be in that space again because even though i was kind of lazy today after recovering from a fairly long (but very profitable) poker session on saturday, my brain is in constant gear about all of the stuff that i need to get done over the next month and a half.

This week is spring break at Tulane. I still have to go in to work every day, but i've been fairly on top of most of the responsibilities i have, so i'm going to be using the time to float those and make sure i don't fall behind and then use the rest of my energy to get a bunch of stuff accomplished. The goals are:

  • practice piano for an hour every day
  • pack/clean something new every day
  • finish most of the stuff i need to get done for my lecture at the University of Hawaii
  • do some serious work on Cascadia
  • finish the sound effects for polyomi
  • re-read Jeff Hwang's Pot-Limit Omaha book

tomorrow promises to be one of the busier days of all of that: i need to get up earlier than normal so i can go to the post office to mail out my last rent check/30 days notice for this place and also ship out a bunch of old headphones to thinksound as a part of their recycling program for discount codes. Then i need to do some final spring photo and video stuff for the TUMB. i'm probably going to practice piano in the afternoon as well as grab a USB audio interface and microphone from Michael Batt to test out what needs to happen for one of the pieces on my concert, and then i'm going to make my concert promotional poster and write-up so that it's ready for when i actually do my PR.

We'll start with that and see how long that takes; if i feel energetic enough in the evening after all of that and after some more cleaning and packing (goal: a lot of books, the goodwill clothes pile, and my organizing my concert program archive and music archive), i'll try to whip out the final part of polyomi just to get it out of the way. That way, Tuesday, which will prove to be much less busy, i can focus more on Cascadia and lecture stuff. If the polyomi stuff gets pushed to tuesday that's okay.

We'll see what happens from there, but i feel good about the overall plan and the high gear i've shifted to.

okay. a little bit of music-sketchwork and listening, and then bed.


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