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oh april, how i blank thee....

Let's review:

On April 15th, i'll be starting the move into my new apartment.
On April 22nd, I'm putting on my nienteForte concert. My parents and Jenni Brandon are coming into town the previous saturday.
On April 24th, I'm helping with the Tulane University Concert Band concert.
On April 25th, I'll be heading to Hawaii for a guest lecture at the University of Hawaii.
I come back on April 30th/May 1st and i'll be, well, in a new living space for the first time in five years.

Also in April, i got my first publishing deal. More details will go on mendellee.com when the contract is officially inked, but i submitted Timpani Forces for publication consideration a few months ago to Jim Casella's company tapspace, and last week he said he'd love to publish it. I'm having Jenni look over the contract just to make sure that there isn't anything weird that sticks out, but barring extreme circumstances i already know i'm going to ink it and i'm pretty excited about it, not just because of it getting published, but the email exchanges i've had with Jim have been great. I really dig what that guy is all about.

I also just received the recording for beauty...beholder from Xavier. The recording turned out pretty well, but i'm doing a little post-engineering (mainly speed of one section that i think dragged a little) before i put it on my website - which is very very overdue for an update as all of the front page news is stuff from last month.

But i don't really have time for that now, i'll deal with it in May. Right now it's all about trying to survive these concerts and the lecture i'm going to give. I have to put out more posters, create my online facebook event and google plus event, etc. etc. Then when May comes around, i'm going to play in a couple of the WSOP circuit events here in New Orleans, i'm going to update the website, i'm going to whip out a percussion quartet for PPG, i'm going to revise beauty...beholder and try to apply for a commissioning fellowship, prompting doubleornothing for a commission again, putting together an end of the year drumline party, putting together my proposal for sponsorship with Evans, and doing show design for Tulane.

and video games. must play video games.

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Apr. 10th, 2013 04:13 pm (UTC)
with everything going on, i'll likely wait to do any birthday celebrating until i'm in hawaii.
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