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baby steps

my apartment is slowly starting to look like an actual living space as opposed to a strewn about mess of boxes. slowly.

World Market quest for a bed wasn't that successful. They had about four different choices and i didn't really like the headboard of any of them. I'm not sure if i really want a headboard exactly in the first place. Well, i suppose i might, but i picture it being something different than what i saw there. I also found a really nice couch that i considered buying despite it being fairly expensive, but it wasn't a color i wanted.

That's okay though - part of the point of going out was to look at things, figure out what it is that appealed to me vs the things that i could easily reject. And even though i didn't find what i wanted in a bed and a couch, i did find a piece of furniture that i really liked, a long swivel mirror/cabinet combination thingy - full length mirror on one side, drawers on the other side. It's pretty good for storing things in an invisible way while the front of it is still functional in a different way. I have a pretty good idea of where i want it to go in my bedroom, but it depends a little on how i decide to set up the bed and any other potential accent furniture in there.

In addition to doing more furniture research, i'm considering trying to find a centralized way of dealing with audio - anything that i need from an audio perspective comes from a wifi enabled device for the most part - my Mac Mini TV server, my mobile devices, my laptop, my desktop - and i want to see if there's a way to have all of that route wirelessly through a single wifi audio system with speakers in both my main room and bedroom. That might be too expensive to be practical given how much i want to actually spend on furniture, but it might not be too unreasonable if i can find something that works for me, and that's a secondary priority in any case.

Then there's a storage issue to deal with because i have a bunch of crap that was in closet space before that i don't have in the new place. I have some ideas for that too, but the idea involves one of those separation curtain thingys and that feels like a compromise - i don't like the idea of a separation curtain at all. I may be able to come up with an alternative, i just need to work it out.

in any case, i'll keep on putting energy into the whole thing as i see fit, but i also need to start some serious music writing to hit my deadline for Cascadia. I'll probably be doing both things - apartment stuff and composing - every day for the next few weeks. And it feels nice - it's not overwhelming because it's occupying a lot of my headspace in a good way, something that i'm enthusiastic about. This may be a crazy period for me like april is, but in a different way, a somewhat more relaxed way, and something i'm managing in nice chunks.

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May. 5th, 2013 06:31 pm (UTC)
I saw this a while back and it made me really excited about how one piece of furniture can be multi-functional. His approach to A/V management was pretty cool.

May. 6th, 2013 12:47 am (UTC)
yeah, that whole living space is modeled after something that i saw in japan about six months ago, same sort of deal.

my solution for integrated audio can't really involve getting inside the actual space since i'm in a rental. I'm pretty enthused about the Sonos system, but it's too pricey for using it in a one-bedroom apartment, so i'm probably going to just live with separate audio conception until i actually have a house.
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