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so i ran pretty bad in april - partially unlucky, but also because for a few weeks i played cards in a different environment and a different game that was too tough for me, and it resultantly put me in the red in 2013, one of the few times i've ever been in the red long term.

i played cash games twice this past week - once on wednesday night/thursday morning after i busted out of the HORSE tournament, and once last night/this morning. The session last night/this morning in particular was insanity not just from being one of my biggest profit sessions ever, but because of how quickly my profit surged in my last 45 minutes of play, going from $650ish to $1600.

this happened from two things: first, i had a hand where in the BB i had 8h9s, and the flop came out 5c6d7c. I led out, and an old asian guy who is a big deep stack player min-raised me to $20. I've seen him do things like that with strong hands as well as flush draws - i've seen him push aggressively all in with flush draws, although someone told me after this hand was done that he wasn't playing so hyperaggresive on draws and bluffs in this particular session. Anyway, i reraised him to $50, and he then pushed all-in for my entire remaining $660 stack.

the situation actually didn't make me very happy - again, there were many things he could have been betting on, and one of the ones i was really worried about was a freeroll if he had 8c9c. but his range was way too big for me to feel like i didn't have the best of it, so i called. the turn came 8s and the river came 10c. He turned over 3c4d - he flopped the lower straight. it would have been sick if it had come runner runner clubs.

the second thing that happened was that when i made the decision to leave, i was on the button, so as i stacked my chips i decided i was going to play about eight more hands - until the big blind came around to me. In those 8 hands, i ended up winning a $400 pot where i flopped the Jack high flush, then got AA and then KK. And actually, the hand i had AA i folded - i raised pf, and a solid and relatively tight player to my right called me. The flop came 10x4x5x rainbow, he bet $15, i raised to $45, he flat-called. The turn came another 10, and he immediately leads out for $70. He had about $300 behind. I thought about how the rest of the hand was going to play out, thought about the play i had seen from him on the other table we had played together for a while and this table, and decided that i was behind. He has to put me on an overpair if i'm going to raise him on such an innocent looking board on the flop, so leading out on the turn, particularly with a paired top card on the board is a super strength move. He wasn't the sort to bet on draws or play his own overpairs particularly aggressively. it's possible i was even behind on the flop because he flopped a set, or he didn't believe me initially and had A10 or 10J or something silly. The whole situation was very fishy and wasn't worth getting entangled with, so i open-folded his turn bet. he didn't tell me what he had, but i feel pretty confident that i wasn't ahead.

profit from my last two sessions has put me back in the black - not by a huge amount or anything, but it's better than nothing, and i'm still feeling better and better about how i play. I'd like to get back into the omaha thing, but i don't think i can afford to do that at the stakes they offer here until i get more practice and/or more bankroll, so i'm probably going to focus the remainder of the year on hold 'em.

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