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Upstream Color (2013)

what makes the film such a success for me is how deeply emotionally impacting it is in a way that came from within, an effect of the movie's brilliance in orchestration. The film has an early established sense of surreality, has very little dialogue or exposition, and lacks straightforward continuity, yet the film is still incredibly accessible and easy to follow, the main character has such a gripping story, and because there's so much silence in the film, the moments when music happens feel monumentous and added so much to how i felt.

it's hard to describe without giving it away. i don't want to talk about the plot, i don't even want to talk about the emotional journey too concretely because that will lessen the impact upon someone else's first viewing. But i do need to give it justice where justice is due, so i'll relay it thusly:

There's a common character development trope in movies and telly that deals with how a character either starts from nothing or is taken to nothing and has to struggle and endure to find hope and success. Part of the success of, say, Iron Man or the Nolan Batman films has to do with that character development. The success of The Shawshank Redemption comes from the main protag overcoming such extreme long odds with perseverance and determination to come out as a success.

it's such a common trope, something that's meant to spark that inspiration of overcoming our own personal struggles, big and small. There are a lot of films that do that poorly, there are a lot of films that do that well.

And i'm pretty certain that i think that Upstream Color blows all of them away. All of them.

i'm not really sure what to say other than that. it may be worth writing another spoiler-filled review after i watch it again, but i guess this will suffice at the moment. Suffice it to say that if you haven't seen it, you're missing out on something, and even if you don't end up liking it, i tend to think you'll still be glad you went and saw it.

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