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Superman Unbound (2013)

I didn't see Bruce Timm's name on the credits and it was because of this i discovered that after the cancellation of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice that Timm basically quit. Wiki has some basic hints that Timm is in negotiations to come back in some capacity which i hope is true - it will make me incredibly sad if he never has anything to do with the the DC universe anymore.

I have to say that i therefore watched Superman Unbound with a small degree of prejudice. The new head producer has been partnered with Timm for a while, but i still wanted to snark at the fact that the animation style was so different and there were some flow issues with some of the dialogue and fight sequences, but the truth of the matter is that this wasn't a bad film, particularly given my more recent appreciation for Superman as a character after the excellent Superman vs. the Elite. It had some pretty fantastic character moments, the resolution to the primary conflict between Superman and Brainiac felt like a sensible bit of story-telling, and the violence was just graphic enough to make the threat feel horrifying without crossing the line into gore and blood for gore and blood's sake.

And the moment in the film is when Lois Lane double-deuces Brainiac might be one of my favorite moments in any of the DCAU movies to date.

Ultimately the film doesn't come off as strongly as most of Timm's Batman efforts nor Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, but at least i didn't come away from it with a weird taste in my mouth like i did with Superman/Batman: Public Enemies or Apocalypse. We'll see what the new exec producer does with The Flashpoint Paradox when that comes out in July. I"m pretty hyped for that one.

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