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stuff and things

there are still things that are backburner-y that i need to accomplish, but i'm taking steps to accomplish them by finally putting serious work into my home workspace. installing the SSD that i bought to replace my desktop hard drive, going to put some RAM once the hard drive is transferred over, as well as grab the old hard drive out of my broken desktop.

this week the evenings will be productive in music ways. i need to get that revision of Timpani Forces to Jim, i want to put out the contract stuff to other Jim for Evans, i'm going to revise the contract for the portland percussion group, and i'm going to put serious work into composing for that.

i still need to do apartment stuff too. This week i want to buy a bed, or at least do the serious shopping for one that i've been meaning to do for the past couple of weeks - it's been tough because of everything else going on, but now i'm just getting lazy. Well, not lazy exactly, but i've needed a bit of an unwind, some time to do Nothing except watch episodes of Doctor Who over and over again. i'm getting back into the surge of "get more done get more done get more done", and this week will be the first step in that.

it's odd to say, but i need to put some energy back into social media. i've gotten fairly lazy about all of it - lj, fb, g+ - and given how important some of that stuff is to me because of how important the people are to me, that's not good. I keep on forgetting about the friends page and thus get backlogged and then skim everyone. I glance at fb fleetingly, which is fine with me because i don't like it that much, but that's starting to happen with g+ too, a product of me not putting energy into organizing my stream since g+ has changed to its multi-column format, and i don't want to neglect that space since i like it so much.

In general, i need to be more disciplined with my time. I still get stuff done, but i still manage to waste a lot of time. It might be time to create an actual Plan so that i can redevelop less lazy habits. I was in that space when deadlines were pressuring me and i did great. Now that deadlines aren't looming quite as heavily, i'm falling back into a lax. I need to find better balance on that, like where i was a year or so ago before everything went all panicky with one of the busier and more stressful (but ultimately successful) years of my life - i think that that took a long term toll out of me that i need to get over and push forward on. I still have way too much ambition to let my natural slacker be off-balance.

which i guess isn't as bad as it could be, but i'm picky. i could be doing a lot more, and i should be.

this entry meandered a bunch didn't it? i suppose i should go back and edit and make it all pretty and stuff, but i think instead i'm just going to hit "post". it's that sort of day.

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