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coming back around.

my friends feed lately has been interesting because there are several people who had previously abandoned this place that have started to come back here to write entries again, and i've recently picked up a few new people who now grace my streams with their awesomeness.

when things were crazy a few months ago, i neglected my friends feed a lot i think for a lot of the same reason why people stopped coming around here in the first place - google plus and facebook are much easier to digest in general because the bites of information are much smaller - or at least *start* smaller by offering a more teaser-like headline approach to something more in a way that LJ can only do in the context of an LJ-cut.

so LJ became a skimming place. I didn't read many full entries, i let a lot of stuff whisk by on my stream, when something would catch my eye i might stop and read it in more detail, comment when i think i had something to say.

in the past couple of weeks, though, i've been dedicating myself more to the habit of keeping up with the feed more aggressively, the way that i used to when LJ was much more active, and it feels good to be in that space, to actually read about peoples' lives that i care about. Newborns, the struggles of business, new emotional journeys, struggles, successes, failures, all of it feels, if not as alive as it used to be, at least alive at all in a way that fb never is and in a way that google plus can only be half of the time.

i know that i've been making more of an effort to write here on a regular basis again, balanced with what i'm trying to do with my professional blog and my presence on google plus and amidst all of my regular life stuff. it feels like using the internet in a way that i want to again, a means to connect not just with people that i know and in a very sideline way but to connect with new people that i have yet to meet and in a more substantial and direct way.

some of my best and longest friendships have been served through livejournal. so much of my own life is captured on here, and so many memories, both good and bad. it was my first real home on the internet, and i'm glad that it's still that way.

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Jul. 2nd, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
There are so many great, interesting blogs out there that sometimes I'd rather read them then ramble on here. I wish I wrote in a style that is as fun and picture-filled as some of them. I have a wordpress, which is easy enough to use, but i haven't felt like moving away from the ol' livejournal. Which is about to hit its 10-year anniversary too!
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