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i'm making a hair lotto.

there was a point when i had decided that i wasn't a long-haired person anymore and found a stylist in town that knew his business. That particular shop which was located on campus shut down sometime in the spring of 2012, and as i waffled about trying to find a new stylist who i could trust with my hair, i decided after a lot of consideration to grow my hair out again, to shake things up a little.

the goal was to grow it out for two or so years - get to a point where the long hair felt comfortable again - and then cut it drastically short again. in the past it's taken about two to three years for my hair to grow down to lower-back length. it felt philosophically pretty "me" to do it this way, to find a way to used to something and then make it completely different.

The process was a somewhat painful one. There were a lot of times in the past year when i wanted to chop it off. it felt wrong on me, felt like something from my past and not something that was relevant to the person that i am today. When i went to Ohio for my wind ensemble premiere, i had a fleeting thought to have Erica cut my hair at that time, one of the few people that i knew that could get my hair right without me having to say much to her. I finally nixed the idea - it didn't feel true to what i was trying to accomplish. I should only cut it off when it starts to feel right, not when it still feels wrong.

i'm starting to reach a point where having long hair feels good again, finally. i have a basic look to it most of the time involving putting a small amount of texturizing cream into it when my hair is damp from a shower and then putting it into a basic ponytail. Sometimes i let it out, but usually not. It feels like a pretty good length, and it'll only start to feel better as time goes by.

so naturally i'm coming up with a scheme to cut it.

the problem is, cutting it right now really is cheating. yes, the long hair feels good, but in my head i know that i'm playing games with myself - i'm basically allowing "bare minimum" standards to get by here because a part of me knows that i want short hair again.

so in an effort to police myself and to make the whole thing somewhat fun, i've decided to do some sort of hair lotto. once a month i'm going to generate some random number between 1-20 or something, and if it lands on 1, i'm going to cut my hair sometime in that month. if it's any other number, i won't. The next month, i'll take one number off of the generation pool, thus increasing the chance that my hair is going to get cut until 20 months later (if i go with 20), i know that it'll get cut.

i think this will start in august. i'm not sure how i'm going to random number generate. i just bought some d112s for the purpose of better score tracking in Cities and Knights, so it may be that i roll two of those. or maybe i choose a random number and have the corresponding random number be a pick by my g+ community or fb community. that feels more fun. we'll see what happens.

'course, i still need to find a stylist. i have people i can ask though, it shouldn't be that difficult.


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Jul. 3rd, 2013 11:43 pm (UTC)
:) I try to do something similar with my hair, although mostly I voice it as "Well, Eor likes the way it looks long, so I'll try to grow it for him," but really I just like to screw with people's heads when they get used to seeing me with longer hair. The hard part for me is that A) I have no tolerance for heat (I live in Maine!) and B) my hair is the worst possible combination of French curl and Scottish fine, so in humidity it tangles like a mofo and breaks when I try to even run my fingers through it. Also, my eyes don't tolerate getting lashed at that point when it gets long enough to lash into them, which is right now. So I'm going to do the trim-out-of-my-eyes bit tonight. It's totally looking like nearly every character in Lord of the Rings right now. A complete raggedy-ass mess. I'm starting to get afraid I'm going to get Spoken To at work if I can't make it look a little more professional, somehow, because there are strict standards. We're required to sign a thing saying we understand that (among many other details) our hair has to be neat, and can't be dyed unnatural colors. I wanted to do a splotch of carrot red, but I keep losing my nerve. :)
Jul. 3rd, 2013 11:51 pm (UTC)
does it get humid where you are in maine? how close are you to the coast?

i've thought about putting a splash of color in my hair like i did when i was younger, but it's so much effort with my hair because it's so dark, so i never end up doing it. i want to put some purple or red in it though. we'll see, maybe when i cut it short again i'll do it just for fun. :)
Jul. 4th, 2013 02:09 am (UTC)
It takes about three minutes to drive down to a great place to put in the kayak, where a brook runs into the bay. :) Also, the rain only just stopped after about three days. And with our water heater leaking there's probably been even more humidity in the house than usual.
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