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changing the method of messaging.

it's no secret that i'm not a huge fan of facebook for its platform and much prefer google plus and google products for the way they do things, but i do have to say that the direction that facebook took their "messenger" service is a good sort of change.

in the past, i always felt like private messages on facebook were a clunky and unnecessary in between of emailing, kind of like how old forum private messages functioned. It was annoying to me because i felt the lack of integration of those "messages" vs all of my email accounts (that i route through gmail) made it difficult to centralize what i perceived as email and email-like things. It also annoyed me that i would get an email notification about a private message on facebook. i wanted people to just email me.

At some point, facebook changed their private messaging paradigm to emulate instant messaging, which would probably be confusing if i ever used facebook's instant messaging thingy, but i never ever turn that on, and it reminds me a lot of a hybrid of google chat and iMessage all at once. and the more that i've used that to communicate with certain people who prefer that to keep in touch, the more i like it, even more than the current "google hangout" paradigm.


yeah that's all. now for music and packing.

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Jul. 18th, 2013 09:32 am (UTC)
I would agree, only Facebook at random switches between the messenger style and the email style. I'll go to email a person and the messenger window will open, they'll send back to me and it'll come through email, and my response will stay in that style. Or I'll go to message them and it will go straight to the email style.

And the messenger style, if I use a return it sends, which means I don't get to compose, and if I'm sending someone my address or a poem or something (not that I ever send poetry) it would go one. line. at. a. time.
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