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The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

The story was very gripping, the fight scenes were very well done and helped immerse me in the story. Barry's character was pretty great - he had a lot of depth as a protagonist, and despite the fact that the plot idea of "The Flash is the focal point for everything being right vs wrong in the world" was a recycled one from the Justice League episode A Better World, the implementation of it here had much more punch to it because the story is much more mature. Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited, whilst dealing pretty well with mature themes, were still primarily aimed at kids. This feels much more adult.

That said, the movie did suffer from a few dialogue issues, mainly relating to flow but also relating to over dramitas that felt dated and out of sorts with most of the other DCAU stuff i'm familiar with. The snarky part of me wants to blame that on the new EP since Bruce Timm stepped down, but i could be projecting.

The other thing that was annoying was that the Twist was easy to see a mile away, and in general the whole time-travel-to-change-events aspect felt weird and isolated in a way that didn't make sense. If both The Flash and Zoom has the ability to muck about in time however they wish because of how they use the Speed Force, you'd think that it would have been dealt with in a much more preventative manner by the JL prior to this - Batman in particular.

Still, it was overall very powerful, and up there as one of the better DCAU movies that they've released. And I guess i should like the fact that this story is what bridges the old DC continuity with The New 52 and subtle reference is made to that at the end of the movie, but i'm not enough of a comic fan to know anything about the new 52 other than the wiki entries, so we'll call that one of those easter eggs that went over my head.

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