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poker zone

there was a point in the latter part of my poker session last night/this morning where i really felt "in the zone", as in i was pretty much in control of the entire table. A guy who had amassed about $2000 in chips had just gotten up and that basically left me as the chip leader with anywhere between $950-$1150 for the remainder of my session (i was in for $500), and because i was doing a decent job of mixing up my aggression and choosing my battles and sometimes bluffing and sometimes not, i know that people were very unsure of what i was about from hand to hand.

more than that though, there just wasn't a lot of aggression on the table in general after $2000 guy left. Almost all of the players on the table both regulars and tourists were being pretty passive nitty and playing incredibly predictably. I ended up trying to loosen ranges by raising small amounts more often and then showing that i was raising with nonsense, but that didn't net much at that point in the game.

times when i feel in control of the tables here are getting more frequent, but i also get the feeling that i'm somewhat stagnating. i'm not a predictable player at this point by any means, but a lot of that unpredictability comes from out-of-the-gate aggression of betting - when i have it, when i c-bet, when i'm on a draw, etc. But i very rarely check-raise for any reason whatsoever, and the rare times that i do are never bluffs or semi-bluffs, a tool that feels like it would be useful for the fold equity alone. i feel like i would be a much more transparent player at the 2/5 Harrah's New Orleans level (which translates to 5/10 most other places i've discovered) because my bluffs and semibluffs feel somewhat predictable for those paying attention to bet sizes.

does it really matter? i'm pretty passionate about poker and its analogies to life, i'm constantly trying to hone my game and evaluate myself, plug the leaks, etc. etc., but i'm not taking it seriously *exactly*. i'm not interested in becoming a poker professional - i'd rather keep it at the amateur level and focus my energies outside of the poker table on the things that matter to me which is my composition career, teaching, and these days adds general domesticism and board gaming with friends. Clearly what it is that i'm doing is continuing to be successful and will hopefully improve over time just naturally, and maybe just riding that wave is okay right now.

But the challenge part of me wants to still have some sort of knowledge that if i wanted to go professional that i could, and i know that right now that's not the case, at least it doesn't feel like it.

okay. poker tired ramble over. time for some dinner.

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Sep. 1st, 2013 04:54 am (UTC)
the mathematics of poker by bill chen
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