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living space advice.

i've asked a couple of friends their opinions about this, i thought i might as well put it out for greater public consumption.

in may i moved to a new apartment. I've talked about it before, but as a recap: apartment is connected to a house where the landlord and landlady live, Danny and Caylie, a couple in their mid-20s or so. They are huge board game geeks and very cool people and we've become rather good friends.

The apartment is connected to their house by one wall, and is not on the street itself - i get in via a gate where there's a shared area with them (garden, yard furniture), but it's otherwise very private. the space is a little small, but it's basically new - they renovated it (and the house) six months prior to me moving in. all new appliances, new paint job, well sealed up so that the A/C units are efficient. It's a great little place that i pay $900/mo for with all utilities included which also includes internet and cable telly. i've been slowly working my way into making this space into a place i call home - there are a few more pieces of furniture that i want to buy. i cook more often here, can play DDR here, and etc.

Currently, Caylie and Danny's house is also occupied by Caylie's parents. They're there until the new house that they've built/renovated is complete which will be pseudo-complete at the end of october and actually complete at the end of january. when the parents move out, caylie and danny are getting a roommate. the other day, they offered that to me.

pros: the house is much bigger than the space i'm living in now, and the rent would be pretty cheap - $750/mo will get me two rooms that are connected upstairs, all utilities still included. I'd get direct access to their washer/dryer so that i don't have to text caylie when i want to do laundry, and thier house also has an automated security system which isn't necessarily the most vital thing in this neighborhood, but neither is it an unreasonable thing. they have a nicer fridge. danny and caylie are really cool people, and they really like me too. They really want me to move in so that they can be living with someone that they get along with and trust as opposed to having to open up their space to some rando on craigslist.

cons: i haven't lived with anyone else in a very long time, and i like my privacy. shared space is a strange thing for me to think about, and especially since i have odd living habits and schedules that would make me feel a little self-conscious. i probably wouldn't be able to play DDR on a regular basis. I have too much furniture for the space that i'd probably have, some of which i just bought.

but probably one of the more influential cons of the whole thing is Mallory. Mallory hates other cats and Danny and Caylie have two. I mean, Mallory was living with other cats for at least a year or so when she belonged to erica and aaron, and that whole time Mallory was always at odds with the other cats which is why she got turned over to me and katie in the first place. But what, i confine her to the two rooms upstairs? she would hate that too.

i don't have to make a decision right away, and although my instinct is to say that the privacy and mallory issues take precedence, i don't want to dismiss it out of hand. Saving $150/mo is pretty appealing, and living with other people might do me some good.

thoughts and opinions are welcome.


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Sep. 4th, 2013 05:36 am (UTC)
Friends stay friends when you can miss them a little bit. Or, "good fences make good neighbors."

When you have roommates, you always have to be on good behavior. I have a feeling your worst behavior is still very good behavior, but still, sometimes you just wanna fart or walk around in your underwear or have non-silent sex.

Also: When you have a roommate (let alone two), there's rarely silence. I need quiet. Or... I want to make noise (or listen to music) without worrying if it's interrupting two other people.

That's just me.
Sep. 4th, 2013 05:42 am (UTC)

that's my instinct in many many ways.

but still, it might not be as bad as i think it would be. trying to keep an open mind about it since i have time to think about it.
Sep. 4th, 2013 09:43 pm (UTC)
If I was you, I would prefer to have my own space and to join in with them when you feel like it rather than because you have to. Though saving money is good, it may be best for your cat.
Sep. 5th, 2013 03:05 am (UTC)
mallory is a huge influencer here for sure. although even if she wasn't, the privacy of my own space is still pretty considerable. i'm leaning that way, but i don't want to or need to make a hasty decision. :)
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