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Johann Sebastian Joust Alpha (2012)

i wasn't very successful at playing the game the few times i got a chance to in Oregon, but i just played for about a half hour with Caylie and Danny and i've got a much better handle on what to do with my body when attacked and how to attack without losing. i'm still not great at it, but it's a start.

At its basic level, the game just doesn't get tiresome at all, particularly if you're playing with a large group of people, and the alpha even has some interesting gameplay settings involving teams, a "king" mode, and a "traitor" mode that has the potential to add depth to the already crazy gameplay. There's also the option of adding your own music to the music folder, and i think that has some interesting implications depending on what music you choose.

i wish there was a way to have the voice that says "freeze" not say "freeze" and have people come to that conclusion on their own. I also found myself having to glance back at my controller sometimes because i would feel it vibrate, i'd hear the noise, and be unsure if i was actually the one that got tagged out.

minor complaints for a pretty innovative and fun game though. I'm probably going to bring it to practice one of these days and spring the money for the three more controllers i can hook up to the game relatively soon. The game is worth it even in its incredibly unpolished form; i'm sure that the tweaks made to the final version will make it even more solid.

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