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last night.

last night, three things happened:

1. I finished the first draft of Moon of Eris. It's been mostly done, but crazy stuff at work has been crazy and was not putting me in a space to finish the piece for the past couple of weeks. I'm pretty happy with the work overall, but the ending might need some tweaking for pacing purposes, and i still don't know how impossible the second part is. It feels good to finally have that off of my plate pending revision and feedback.

2. Jim Casella emailed me with a proof of Timpani Forces to look over before it goes through the final publication stages. It'd been many months since i heard anything about it, but i knew it was going to take a while as they have a lot on their plate in preparation for PASIC. I was able to give some feedback earlier today since my work day consisted mostly of video rendering which is a lot of waiting around, checking final result, then waiting around again. A part of me still doesn't quite believe i'm going to have an officially published piece out there. It feels pretty good.

3. I beat FTL with the Basilisk ship. Woot.

Now that Moon of Eris is done, it's time to catch up and organize what i need to do for my concert in the spring, which includes me writing a new piece of music for Liminal Space. I kind of want to include some tech with the ensemble because i think it would make it both simultaneously easier and more difficult, but given how short of a period i need to write the piece (two months), it's probably not going to work out that way. I need to be sure to crank it out and hit the deadline in a way i didn't hit Moon. We'll see what churns out.

At the same time, i really want to start working on my octophonic piece also. Might try to set up a meeting with the Electronic Prof here for help on getting it started. I have an idea of how to go about doing what i want, but it would be easier to get his expert opinion.

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