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Sleepy Hollow (2013)

the pilot was just plain bad. The character development and the establishment of the premise happened so quickly and in inconsistent ways that i felt like i must have missed a few commercial breaks somewhere in there. The main female protag's reaction to ichabod being a 250 year old guy who served under George Washington would vary depending on who she was talking to - she'd go out of her way to tell her captain, "i think this guy is the only one that can help us because he might be the key to all of the strange things happening", disobeying direct orders that could make her lose her job to defend that principle, but yet one line later she says to ichabod, "i don't believe you, you're not for real, you're asking me to believe something impossible."

The rest of the episodes (i've watched five) have ranged from pretty awful to somewhat okay, and i'm not sure if the somewhat okay parts are good enough to make me want to stick around and watch it. I think my impression of it as a whole is that the approach that they're taking which i identify as overdramatic and lacking any degree of subtlety is either dated or aimed at the wrong audience. I've watched plenty of "kids" cartoons and shows that have interesting enough depth to appeal to an adult audience. This feels like the opposite, a show aimed at adults that has so little depth that the only ones that could really buy into it are kids.

But as other people have pointed out with other shows and as i myself have witnessed, it could just need more time to get its footing. The first season of ST:TNG was pretty awful too, and look where that went. Apparently Sleepy Hollow is doing well enough that it's already been renewed for a second season, so it can't be all that bad? Although i do wonder if it would be having the success that it's having if it hadn't had its oversaturated advert campaign on mobile ads and during football games.

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Oct. 24th, 2013 02:51 am (UTC)
I quite like this show actually, despite the predictability and the lack of strong characters (Abby's eyelashes are currently my favorite character on the show, not even joking). It's the good, mindless entertainment, I know I won't have to think too hard when I put this on! :P
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