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surrounding days

The past week or so has been kind of a blur. Not necessarily because it's been super busy, but because there's a lot of new things happening at random times and work has hit somewhat of a routine that i don't have good markers for days of the week anymore.

highlights include the following:

1. Yesterday, Tulane won our football game against Tulsa. That makes our record so far 6-2, which makes us eligible for a bowl game for the first time since 2002. As someone who has become fairly passionate about football these days and as someone who has seen our team play pretty wretched football for the past five years, to see them have this success is incredibly gratifying, and to see the community rally around it is pretty powerful. We'll see how far the team can go at the end of this year, and what happens next year with the new stadium.

2. i figured out what i want to do for the new piece i'm writing for Liminal Space, an electric guitar/marimba duet. Well, conceptually. It's going to be a deconstruction treatment of Debussy's Sunken Cathedral, using a couple of effect pedals to create background atmosphere and some etherealism to the piece. It's going to be another slow piece, which kind of bothers me because i feel like my last few pieces or revisions of pieces have all been slow stuff and my octophonic piece is also going to be a "slow" piece kind of. I may have to make that up by doing something super furious for my next piece of music.

3. After the football game on saturday i ended up going to play cards and had one of the shortest sessions i've done in a while - 4 hours. It felt super short since my sessions tend to be 8 hours or longer, and i'm wondering if maybe i need to make more effort to keep them that way. One of my poker friends Alex used to play long sessions and has changed to playing short ones - a couple hours there, a couple hours here. it's possible that it's not as straightforward as that - i don't like leaving tables when the action is really hot, but i also don't tend to leave or move tables when the action is really slow and not something i can exploit which could also help me do shorter sessions more successfully. A lot of it has more to do with when i actually arrive at the casino since the last real streetcar runs at 2:30am. That'll probably turn into my defining cutoff point unless the table is so hot that i'll stick around until the street car runs again at 5:30. In any case, the session was good - won a quick $350.

This week the drumline is having a pumpkin carving party on tuesday. I have a lot of stuff to prep for that between cooking and setting up for a JSJ team session. This week i'll also be trying to spend other evenings cleaning the apartment in a way i didn't get to do today because i slept during the window of time i wanted to get it done (i have no interest in vacuuming and making a ruckus at midnight), writing music, and experimenting with the new Live and some binaural plugins for Live.

oh, and i think i'm going home for thanksgiving so i can cook a turkey for the family. Gotta go find recipes.


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