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Johann Sebastian Joust Alpha revisited.

played more JSJ today but with some of the custom settings. We started off with teams, basically set up two teams of 3 pitted against each other and did a round robin with all teams. I also set it for each person having three lives with 5s of 'dead time' in between. We also played free for all but with five lives with 2s of 'dead time' in between.

The latter ended up being one of the better options overall. Not only does it make the individual game last longer, it makes it so that people who don't quite have the game figured out or need more time to figure it out get a nicer learning curve, get the chance to try to immediately adjust how they play based on whether they lost a life or not.

The team dynamic was interesting, but didn't actually change a whole lot in the gameplay in my opnion except when it got widdled down to an uneven advantage. When it was 3 against 3, it usually ended up that each member took on another member one on one in their own space and occasionally had to look out of their periphery for the enemy - which isn't much different than how you play not on a team. there wasn't really much "teamwork" aspect of teams other than maybe "defend the person who is the shortest player", but that never lasted long. Where teams really came into play was when it got down to 3 against 1 or 2 against 1 - in which the 1 player was at such a disadvantage that it was inevitable that they lost.

it's possible that having 3 teams of 2 would be better than 2 teams of 3, but that makes tournament tracking much more complicated. Teams of three in king mode where you make your weakest player the king would be a neat variant too, change the game quite a bit.

and then there's dark joust and the invulnerability mod - dark joust seems like it would be great except that the bluetooth range is a little too small for it to be truly stealth. invulnerability would definitely be interesting as a game changer for people who are at a natural disadvantage - psychology would enter into the game much more, and that has some great potential.

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