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this past week

there's actually been a whole lot going on in the past week or so, but a lot of it is not stuff i feel comfortable actually talking about. not because it's all bad - one thing in particular was rather Awesome, but it's also fairly personal not just for me but for someone else and therefore is not the sort of thing that i want to put out on broadcast.

A few random things i can talk about though, mainly music production things and one poker thing:

- my timpani piece, Timpani Forces is officially published. The publisher (tapspace) took a trip to PASIC this past weekend to pimp out all of the stuff from their new catalog of works of which my piece was a part, and Jim wrote an email to me and said that he felt like it was a very successful outing. I'm not sure what that translates to with my piece specifically, but these days i've been feeling pretty optimistic about it. I have a few people that i'm going to be emailing about the piece in the near future. I also wrote a couple of blog entries detailing the history of the piece, with one more concluding blog entry left to write. We'll see how far this takes me.

- Coming out of the road trip a week ago from San Antonio, i started messing with a binaural plugin in Live, something that i'm using so that i can write and/or at least sketch out the surround sound piece that i want to start this spring. That'll come after finishing the Liminal Space commission, which i'm behind on but plan on doing a lot of crunch time on this coming week.

- The TUMB drumline is probably going to be at its biggest this coming spring with anywhere between 3-5 snares, 3 tenors, 5 bass drums, and 2 or 3 cymbals. Out of all of those people, only one is graduating, and that bodes well for the following fall also. We've already gotten a bunch of names and recruits for this coming fall, and i've had some good interactions with prospects. It may be that we'll have to buy some more equipment for the new year - that'd be pretty nice, although i'd have to clear that large purchase with Barry. I've been busy prepping for some of that, rewriting the exercise packet and cadences for 5 bass drums, and trying to write more cadences for us to try.

- This past weekend i played on a 1/2 poker table where i accumulated a stack of $800 and yet was the third smallest stack on the table. It was heavy in action, in no small part due to a regular named Boudreaux who had $3000 in front of him and is always an aggressive player. One of the key hands that pulled my stack up over $1000 late in the evening was against him - I had AdAh, raised PF to $15. Boudreaux was the only caller. Board came out KcJc3d. Boudreaux opted to lead out with a $50 bet - way over the pot size. I tried to get a read on him, ask him, "are you overbetting the pot on a flush draw?" his response was "you know that i can definitely bet out flush draws." I decided to raise him $150. He flat-called. Turn came Ac. He bets out $350, which is only $50 less than what i have in my entire stack - basically a pot sized bet. I tanked for a good five minutes or so because i wasn't sure where to place him - if he had a made hand already, the flush or the straight, then the bet was a good one because even with top set i wasn't getting the odds to call. but i wasn't convinced that he had a made hand. Eventually i said, "fuck it", and pushed all-in. A few people on the table essentially yelled at me for taking so long as if it was an easy call to make, but Boudreaux is a very tricky player. What made me decide to push was some of the banter - I told him at one point, "i don't think i can lay this down", and it was clear that he wanted me to call, that he wasn't worried, but he made one comment that was, "two pair is difficult to lay down." I tried to decide if that's what he actually put me on, and came to the conclusion that he did, which widened his range significantly - he could have a set of queens or a set of 3s. He didn't end up showing his hand, i took down the pot.

This week will be all about prepping for next week's travel. Write a bunch of music so i don't have to when i'm at home. Get my recipes in order for when i cook thanksgiving dinner. Try to set myself up to see a few people when i'm home in addition to playing some cards.

And then it's December. Where did the time frickin' go. The season has felt pretty long, but November flew the eff by.


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