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Gravity (2013)

The first word that comes to my mind when i think about this movie is "stunning." The opening statement of the movie from a cinematography perspective as well as setting the tone for the entire movie was fantastic. The first twentyish minutes of the film that felt like a single continuous take captivated me in a way that made me not want to ever blink for fear of missing something.

I didn't really know anything about the film prior to going in to see it other than my brother telling me, "go see it. in 3d if you can." As a result, i was surprised that there were essentially only two actors in the entire film. I suppose it's not something i *should* have been surprised about since a common trope in most space movies set in realism is that of isolation, but it surprised me nonetheless.

for me, the first half of the movie was better than the second. the isolation trope was a positive one in that it created a sense of intimacy and focus around the characters that i feel gets ignored or underdeveloped in a lot of movies, and as a result i found myself very invested in both characters as people. and now that i type that out, it makes me realize the second reason why i thought the second half was weaker - because in the first half there was a lot more interweaving between the action vs the character development, and while the second half of the movie tried to do that, it didn't do it as convincingly for me.

This was due in part to the first reason why i thought the second half was weaker - the action that defined the movie was one of Bollock and Clooney having to deal with crisis after crisis after crisis in such a nonstop way that it started to feel too Murphy's Law to be realistic, and at some point, all of the close calls lost their urgency because it became fairly clear about halfway through the movie that it wasn't going to end in a tragedy where everyone died, so all of those close calls lost their punch. There's a scene close to the end of the movie where i wanted to laugh out loud because it felt ridiculous that they would try to introduce any peril at that point and not just end the movie.

but all of that is minor gripes for a movie that was incredibly well-crafted and absolutely breathtaking. It's definitely one of those movies where i want to watch it again and actually Pay Attention to it as opposed to what i typically do with movies and telly that i watch which is to have repeat viewings be more of a background activity. it's beautiful to watch, and beauty like that deserves to be watched with no distractions.

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