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Life has been pretty hectic for me these days between planning things at Tulane, planning things for my concert in March, the recent flare up of my back issues, trying to stay on top of finishing projects and starting new ones, etc. etc. etc.

as a result, i ended up neglecting this space again; easy to do since my fb and my g+ is overtrodden with activity, but again not the sort of thing i like to have happen because ultimately blogging is more important to me. I was looking back over old entries and was surprised at how much i actually used to write on here and what i was willing to write, stuff that i tend to neglect now, something i want to stop neglecting. and don't get me started on how i've neglected the friends page.

all of which means that i think it's time to reprioritize this back into my life in a way more aggressive than i have in the past year. I'm not going to be able to catch up on the friends page backlog that i've missed, but i'm going to start it fresh and start reading it again, and catch up at least the past week. I'm also going to try to post at least once a week, and post at least something about Life. As such, some of the Life stuff might go behind a friends-cut, meaning that those who are casual readers that read links from when i forward them on fb/g+ will miss those, but that's okay. There's stuff that needs to come out sometimes, and i need to not feel tentative about it.

tomorrow will start some of that. I'm taking the day to work from home so i can multitask work with domestic stuff that's been put on the backburner - laundry, cleaning, some finance stuff, and some shipping of late gifts. an LJ entry will go there too.

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