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breathtakingly busy

don't get me wrong; there are days that i love being lazy and doing nothing. But but a lot of the times i like filling my big picture months with Things. Personal music projects, work music projects, other work projects that i could leave alone but want to push to improve how our operations run. Poker. Ingress. maintaining friendships both online and in person.

My life in the past week or so has been what i term "breathtakingly busy", as in i feel like i'm doing so much and am trying to stay on top of so much stuff, but as opposed to it being overwhelming and suppressing, it's glorious and freeing and makes me feel incredibly alive. On Saturday we had our first Mardi Gras parade - a five-mile + parade where i was holding a camera up on a tripod most of the time. I felt a little out of shape and winded, and my residual back issues ached ever so slightly, but i was still felt on top of a lot of it, still felt like i could give the drumline good feedback and push them to try to do better.

In the past two days since that parade, i've worked out more logistics for the concert that's coming up in less than a month, sorted out some details for the crawfish boil we're doing on Saturday, bought a bunch of emergency drum stuff to get shipped here quickly for the parade this weekend, did a big clean of the apartment, did more research on storage spaces for my pinball machine, looked at cameras to maybe quick order for the parades this weekend, went out for three separate walks to do some Ingressing and hit level 7, practiced electric bass for about an hour, finished a transcription for a Pat Metheny tune for vibraphone, and wrote three big emails to friends to catch up on lives and give advice.

And this week isn't going to slow down. Tonight i have a date, the first real date with a local that i've had since my relationship with Katie. Thursday morning i go to the hopsital to get another ESI, and then Muses is that evening. We march Hermes on Friday, we do the crawfish boil on saturday during Endymion, we march Thoth on Sunday, Rex on tuesday. I owe Catherine a drink at some point while she's back in town. I'll play poker for at least two of those nights. i'll be practicing a bunch of music to prepare for my concert.

and it's awesome, how breathtaking it is, how breathtaking life is right now. In a space where a few months ago i was feeling like i was starting to head down a rut, to have all of this happening and to feel so happy because of all of it feels so awesome.

of course, i still feel behind on some things. There are about three projects that i want to start and/or finish by the end of the summer, and that means that i have to start thinking about them now to get good traction on the Really New Stuff. I'm doing some preliminary preparation for that stuff, but am allowing myself to not think too much about them until after my concert in late march.

it's a good year so far, but it's also moving too fast. Hopefully april will move slowly so i can enjoy it more. I like april for many many reasons.

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