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sleep data

sometime last week i decided to get a Withings Pulse. it was put on my radar because IFTTT had opened up a channel for it, so i decided to see what it was all about. This then got into some research on the differences between that, the UP, and the fitbit stuff, and most of the stuff i read agreed that Pulse had its issues but was the best when it came to customer service. i also liked the idea of having something i could put in my pocket as opposed to the Up that you wear around your wrist.

i have a general idea of how much i exercise or walk these days - not as much as i'd like because of the persistence of my back issues, but i still think i do okay, particularly during motivating Ingress days where i'll go blowing up portals everywhere in my neighborhood. it's nice to get that translated into hard data, but the more interesting thing is that the Pulse does sleep data also, something that i'm not as aware of, as in, how much do i actually sleep, and what sort of sleep is it. When Pulse is in "i'm going to sleep" mode, it can track times that i'm awake, times that i'm in light sleep, and times i'm in deep sleep. i don't know the level of accuracy it provides, but close data is better than no data, and the data for the past few days is interesting:

  • sunday night: asleep for 6h10m. of that, 3h26m was deep sleep, 2h44 was light sleep, and i woke up once in the middle of the night for five minutes.
  • monday night: asleep for 6h13m. of that, 4h18m was deep sleep, 1h54 was light sleep. i didn't wake up in the middle of the night at all.
  • tuesday night: asleep for 5h27m. of that, deep sleep and light sleep was pretty much cut exactly in half, even split as a back and forth in 30 minute intervals a lot of the time. i woke up once in the middle of the night.
  • wednesday night: asleep for 6h03m. of that, about 4 hours was light sleep and 2 hours was deep sleep, and i woke up twice.

clearly this isn't enough data to develop any trends or anything, and i'm also not sleeping on my regular bed right now because of the back, but it's still interesting, and of course the data analyst in me is trying to find correlation between the heavier deep sleep nights versus the lighter nights, how much afternoon naps might have affected it or mardi gras parades or alcohol or food or mallory, etc. etc. i'm probably not going to come to any real conclusions, but it's still fun to speculate about.

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