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i have a few blog entries in my head that are backlogging and might not end up ever being written. i blame the fact that very recently i've been having regular email correspondences with a few individuals in my life that are important to me, and that's taken a lot of my writing energy, especially since things have been extremely busy at work and since my concert is now like five days away.

but especially since i've gained some new LJ friends and others have clearly been making an effort to revive their LJ's from the dusty shelves that they resided for years, writing on here regularly has become more of a forefront of my brain vs something that i only think about occasionally or when something significant happens that i feel the need to blog. Not that i think that my life is particularly interesting or that i think that even my blog entries are particularly interesting all of the time, but it still feels important for me to put myself back out there and in some ways relearn how to be comfortable being Me online to a relative new bunch of strangers.

For the sake of this entry not being too meta, i will say that i'm incredibly excited about the concert that i'm putting on this coming monday. There's an element of feeling behind in its preparation as i always do with any of the concerts i've had, but this one feels different because it feels more in control. We're not going to nail all of it, but it's definitely going to be a higher level of achievement than the concerts i've had in the past, and i'm excited to see what Liminal Space brings to the table as the featured guest ensemble. The biggest difference i think is that while everyone seems to be scrounging around a little, all of the performers, me, mark, george, and luke, have been trained and are more professional in the instinctual details, and ultimately i think that will make the music's intent come off pretty great even if the performance isn't completely up to snuff, and that's the most important thing for the audience i'm trying to reach here at Tulane specifically.

Once the concert is over, the next big project on my brain is an electronic music piece that i'm currently titling In a Fast-Paced World. I'll probably be blogging about that in the near future on mendellee.com once the aftermath of this concert is completely over.

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