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567910 poker hand

i played this hand a few days ago and i wanted to write it down before the full details drift away in my brain.

under the gun, I look down and see 10 10. i don't remember the suits anymore. it's been a few days. sue me. i'm not a professional. I raise to $15. everyone folds around except for the button. i've played against him before, but not regularly. he's not a bad player, but i don't put him as a super dangerous one either.

flop comes 567 with two spades. I bet out $20. Button raises to $45. I think i say out loud, "whaaaaaat?" and look at him. we banter because i was a little tipsy and i was being incredibly friendly on the table. He smiles and says, "i have you beat. i do." i don't know how to read that statement. he's not a nit, he could be doing that with 88 or 99 as opposed to only making a bet like that with a made straight. But he could also be doing that with JJ or a set or something else. I'm not sure where to put him, so i give him a big smile and i reraise him to $85 fully intending to fold if he goes over the top of me. He looks at me, loses a bit of the smile on his face but is still smiling, looks at the board again, then looks at me. He eventually decides to just call.

The flat call is interesting. it makes me think that his banter at the beginning, telling me he has me beat, was him wanting me to fold because he put me on a weak pocket pair or a flush draw (he's seen me bet my flush draws aggressively before), so now i put him on a pocket pair like 88, 99, JJ, or QQ and not something stronger, although there's definitely the possibility that he's floating me since i took over the aggression and he wants me to bet into him.

Turn comes a 9. no spade. I look at him, he looks at me. this is not a hand i'm willing to commit my remaining $200. The mini-raise and flat call could easily be a 88 situation or an As8s situation and now he's made his straight. But even with other marginal hands with a range i put him on that have me beat, i could also see him calling a shove bet, and betting less than that gets me in trouble if he raises or if he calls and then i have a river card to contend with. No fold equity.

So I decide to check, fully intending to fold if he bets strongly. He tanks a little and something about how he tanks makes me immediately think "worry". He's spooked that i have the 8, which means that he doesn't have the straight himself. But more importantly, the worry he's putting forth is clearly new energy versus what happened on the flop - meaning that i now believe that he *does* have a stronger hand than me even though he doesn't have the straight. He has JJ at worst, a set of 9s at best. The only thing that will make me bet on the river is if an 8 comes out or a 10 comes out, otherwise i'm giving up because there are too many hands that he'll call a shove on, which is the only bet that i could make as a bluff and have any chance of getting him to fold.

The river comes a 10. Miracle. I think for a little bit and then put out $100. He puts a startled look on his face, thinks very briefly, and then calls. i say, "i have a set of tens." he rolls his eyes and turns over 56. He says later that he made the mistake of thinking that the reason i bet on the river was because i missed my flush draw and the scare of the straight made it easy for me to bluff the river. He interpreted my flop bet as a flush draw and c-bet, and then when i didn't hit my flush on the turn, i slowed down. When he checked the turn, the board texture gave me the opportunity to bluff if i missed my flush.

As we were discussing it, we both kind of decided that his turn check was a mistake because if he didn't put me on the straight (which he shouldn't have because it would have made much more sense for me to continue betting if i did because maybe i wouldn't want *his* flush draw to catch up and why would i give him a free card?), then he could have put the pressure on me with a turn bet if he put me on the flush draw or even an overpair. Someone else was also arguing that i made a huge mistake when i assumed that his flat call of my reraise on the flop meant weak because why would he call a three-bet if he didn't have me beat? i don't know if i agree with that completely because the raise size was very small - i deliberately made it small because i wanted the ability to fold to a shove and not commit more money into the pot than i had to. But it is true that the 9 was a good card for me because it spooked me and made me make the right choice to check whereas if the turn was a blank, i might have blindly bet again in a situation where not only i was a huge dog, but it could have been obvious to him that i was too.

But still, i think calling a $45 reraise off of a $25 raise with a draw, particularly a strong draw like As8s or even a weak draw such as 88 isn't that much of a stretch, so i don't know that it's right to assume with certainty that he had me beat at that point.

it was a pretty interesting hand in any case.

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