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LEAP notes

so i bought a LEAP motion a while back, but it's been collecting dust not doing anything until today when i plugged it in, downloaded the aka.leapmotion object for Max/MSP and started to fiddle with it for the purpose of my new project. When i get my Google Glass replaced, i'll be doing some video logs, mainly for myself, but also for others to follow along with my journey with the device and how i want to potentially use it.

My initial playing around with it makes me think that my initial conception for its use isn't going to work because the control field is too small - it's great that the LEAP can control/detect individual finger movement on an x/y/z plane as accurately as it does, but the way i want to use it has much more to do with grand sweeping gestures, full arm movement, and that doesn't seem to be the LEAP's forte. I could use it that way at a basic level, "detect when entering field to trigger this", but more complicated things may be, well, more complicated to control.

still, it has potential enough that some basic experimentation to see if i can make it work for this project is worth the time to create an interface for it - if it's not useful for this particular project, it'll be a good way to set it up for something i want to do in the future. look for some video documentation soon, starting when i get my Glass back.


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