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flabbergasting poker hand.

in about 2.5 hours i had already built up my initial $200 stack to $1000 because people were being pretty stupid against me - none of it was me getting lucky or them getting unlucky, it was all things like, "i just flopped the nut straight" or "i flopped the nut flush" and i would somehow get three-way all-in action. I also had AA twice and stacked my opponent both times - one who had about $200 and had KK, another who had about $450 and had QQ.

But the most flabbergasting hand of the evening was one against a quiet asian guy sitting immediately to my right. He was clearly a green player not just to the casino but to poker in general i think because he kept on doing strange sorts of actions. Some simple stuff like betting $5 into $75 pots or trying to make illegal raises - there was one point when someone had raised to $10 and he tried to raise to $15 (this is on a 1/2), but he did it as a string-raise, and didn't understand and tried to argue with the dealer when the dealer told him that he a) did a string raise and b) it wasn't a legal raise in the first place.

So in the hand in question, he had about $225 in front of him and in early position he raises to $10. I look down and see AhAc, so i raise to $30. Everyone else folds around to him, and he calls.

Board comes AK8 with a club draw. He checks. I bet $40. He calls. Turn comes 5d. He checks. I bet $60. He calls.

River comes 8. The guy immediately FLIPS HIS HAND OVER. He has KK. He looks at the dealer (Brandon) and taps his hand as if to say, "this is the hand that i have." It clearly wasn't a check. He thought that the action was complete.

I'm shell-shocked. Brandon looks at me with laughter behind his eyes. I say to him, "i have no idea what to do here." Because i kind of felt bad. This guy is clearly has no idea what's going on, and the extent of how much that was true was shown in this moment. I stare at Brandon and then at the player for about another ten seconds, not even quite sure if action was actually on me, and what i should even do about it. For a fraction of a second i consider checking, but then i come to my senses because that's fucking stupid. i throw in a green stack that clearly puts him all-in. He gathers his chips up slowly into a single stack and then pushes it over the line. I flip over my AA. Brandon takes his KK and folds it, and the player doesn't object, but is also looking at my hand and at the dealer as if he's unclear about whether or not all of the chips are going to go my way or his. The chips go my way, he stares at the board again and at my hand as if he doesn't quite know what just happened, and then he gets up and leaves.

Brandon left the table soon after. After about five minutes, i went to the table where he was dealing and discovered that he had just finished telling his current table what had happened. They're all "wtf" and ask me to confirm the details, so i do, and we all laugh.

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Jul. 21st, 2014 08:35 am (UTC)
how bizarre! Talk about taking a gamble, betting on a game you don't understand.
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