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Gotham (episode 1) (2014)

i like Bruno Heller, i'm a pretty big DC fan, so Gotham was pretty intruiging when i first heard about it.

The result is satisfying, but only just, and is wroth with contradictions.  The actor who portrayed Penguin did a great job, but the interpretation of Penguin's character in this realm in the more Danny Devito style is annoying.  The writing of James Gordon is pretty great, but the actor who portrayed him only did an okay job.  The plot was a little overblown and obvious, but there were streaks of subtlety in there that's pretty great.  A decent script line here followed by stupid cliché and predictable script line there.  And there's plenty more examples of that sort of contradiction everywhere.

Ultimately I can see that there's a long game hidden in there somewhere.  Harvey Bullock comes off as being a straighforward crooked cop kind of character, but that's how he starts off in the comics too before things Change, and that's a prime example of the setup of Gotham as a whole that gives it a lot of interesting potential.  Heller did a pretty decent job at set up when it came to The Mentalist, and that carried through pretty well for the first three seasons of that show (and season five too in my opnion), so i tend to trust in his vision for the show and the Batman mythos despite my general skepticism of how anyone does it when Bruce Timm has set such a high bar.

But then again a lot of that skepticism is borne out of the portrayal of Batman and Bruce Wayne as a central character - something that no live-action movie portrayal has gotten right in comparison to his animated counterpart helmed by Timm.  Gotham kind of takes that out of the equation since Bruce Wayne is just a kid, so it's possible that the building of the universe around him through the eyes of Gordon will be done well enough, so long as the actor that portrays him can do so more convincingly.  Then again, maybe it will just be boring.

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