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random telly - 50 words or less.

life has been so sodding busy and stressful this academic year that i've been doing the more typical method of escape of using telly as my downtime.  Here's some random impressions of what i've been occupying myself with and what i think about them in 50 words or less.

Gotham - ultimately boring because they're trying to establish too many things at once.  All of the main players are two-dimensional pieces of cardboard with the surprising exception of Penguin.  Fish Mooney and Barbara are particularly awful.  I'll stick out the season, but i don't expect much.

The Flash - It's a middle-school kid trying to wear adult clothes.  Plots and character developments tropes aren't bad ones to use but they're executed poorly and can be downright laughable.  Probably going to drop it on a weekly basis, instead marathon-watch the complete season to see if the seeds planted actually go anywhere.

Constantine - The script-writing for episode one was pretty bad, but it planted good potential. episode two was unfocused but better. Constantine is okay, Zed is eh, and i *really* dislike the blatant sexual tension angle. That chemistry needs to disappear or they just need to fuck and get it over with.

SHIELD season 2 - A few minor missteps and annoyances, but otherwise it's a strong start to what's become a solid and highly-entertaining show. Strong scripts, great character development, although i wish they hadn’t changed the Fitzsimmons chemistry from season one.  May’s fight scenes are absolutely captivating, i could watch those for hours.

Doctor Who Series 8 - Episodes are hit and miss, but the hits have been fantastic, particularly Listen and Mummy.  Capaldi struggled in the beginning but has become pretty awesome, and i still love Clara.  The Pink development happened too quickly, kind of like the cramming of young River in Let’s Kill Hitler.

NFL - this has been a flabbergasting season, but in a good way because you never really know who's coming out on top or how the individual players are going to perform.  e.g. WTF Arizona, Dallas, Lynch, Foles, and WTF Saints! Hopefully the win against GB and the Panthers changes everything.


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