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nothing in absolutes.

seven years ago i wrote a blog entry concerning new year's resolutions and the reasons i didn't believe in them. The important gist of the entry went like this:

when it comes down to it, hard dates in *any* historical context personal or global aren't anything more than a symbolic handhold for us to be able to grasp things easily. sometimes for my own reference i'll use those dates to help me put the pieces together, but placing special significance to that one isolated moment just feels wrong. When i think of when Katie and i were still together and think of "celebratory milestones" such as a year anniversary or whatnot, i generally don't think of those moments as Special because i did my best to celebrate every moment of our relationship as a whole. and the events that led to our first going out, us living together, us breaking up - those single dates didn't define those moments as much as that "time period" and the chain of connections that made those events progress logically and naturally.  So to grasp onto a date that is defined not by me but by some pretense of a holiday and use it as a means of retrospect or futurespect makes even less sense to me and my context.

I still generally uphold to this principle and that had defined why i never did resolutions - because why should i choose a date such as that to decide to make a change more than make that decision on any other date?  If i need to change something, i'll just resolve it whenever it needs to resolve.  To anchor that to a specific date is to use it as a crutch.

Some years ago, i started doing Lent - not for any religious reason, but i used it as a trigger mechanism for exactly the purpose of what New Years Resolutions does - i would sometimes "give up" something such as chocolate or whatever, but more often i would use it in a productive way - "i'm going to take a picture every day of lent" or "i'm going to find something to clean every day of lent" or "i'm going to write music every day of lent". I would use that as a means of getting out of a particular kind of rut and try to change habits, use lent as an artificial kickstart to do something different.

Which isn't much different than doing a new year's resolution if done the right way, so after a lot of consideration, i decided to break my previous resolution of not ever making any new year's resolutions and, well, make some resolutions as a means to try to kickstart some habits that had fallen to the wayside and do a few new things to try to keep my composition career in motion.  The two resolutions are:

1. put myself out there more again.  Write in this blog again, write in my professional blog again, and also start up a quarterly newsletter using MailChimp to create my list and create the newsletter itself.

2. Engage in social media more.  Sure, i browse through things on facebook and g+ briefly, but i don't spend any actual Quality Time on those networks, and i've sorely neglected this space.  I really do care about people and strangers and i feel it's important for them to know that more than i have recently more out of laziness than anything else, and that also produces the sort of return i'm looking for regarding my professional career too.

Once the new semester starts next week i'll be on top of all of that a lot more and put the necessary energy in.

So hi there livejournal. here's me trying to make a comeback.

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Jan. 13th, 2015 07:45 am (UTC)
welcome back :)
Jan. 13th, 2015 02:00 pm (UTC)
thanks. :)
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