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I've cooked this a few different variations of this pulled pork tacos recipe and it's pretty interesting to see how different physical areas have reacted to it thus far.

A lot of the variation that i do has to do with amount of kick - the recipe calls for 3 jalapeno chiles and i've done 3 jalapenos and 2 seranos along with some cayenne and chili powder here in New Orleans and been told that it has the right amount of kick, and i've done it with 2 jalapenos only with lime to cut some of that flavor in Pennsylvania and been told that it's way too spicy.

I also opt to do a pico-de-gallo topping instead of the citrus salsa, and that probably makes a difference too because i imagine that the citrus salsa cuts some of the kick that the pico doesn't becaues there's minced jalapenos in the pico that i make.  I imagine too that the citrus mango salsa provides a middle depth to the flavor that kind of lacks when you opt to do the pico instead, so i may need to go searching for something else, some sort of avocado or guac thing that will provide the middle flavor that fits right with what i want.

Cooking is fun i think is the theme of this dazed entry.  Yeah.  Cooking is fun.  Especially in a geat quality dutch oven.  I'm so glad i purchased one.  I'm so going to make a pot roast some time this spring.

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Feb. 12th, 2015 02:59 am (UTC)
Oh geez. That recipe looks delicious. One day, I will make that. Yummm. Thanks for sharing!
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