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So from Thursday to today (Saturday, i know it's past midnight) I adjudicated with the Worldstrides Heritage Festival in Nashville, and the following fortunate events happened:

1. The room type that was originally planned for me in the huge big opulant and super expensive hotel was booked solid, so they had to give me what they called a 'parlor' room - meaning that i didn't have a real bed, i only had a pull-out sofa bed.  The pull-out sofa bed was fine, probably better because it was firm and that's what i like.  As an apology for this 'inconveniece', they gave me a $100 credit to the room which i used to have two expensive hotel meals - one which was not worth it, and the other one which totally was.

2.  As it happens, the College Band Directors National Association (or something like that) was having their national conference this past week in Nashville, and my friend Matt Westgate (husband of the ever fabulous friend of mine Erica Drake) happened to be in town at the same time as me.  I haven't seen him in about two years when i wrote his wind ensemble a piece of music when he was still at Xavier, and it was good to get dinner and drinks and catch up and also get a vague promise of me writing his wind band at UMass where he is now a piece - where he said, "yeah, you can write whatever you want."

3. The second day of adjudication only involved two groups, so we got out super early.  My flight was originally supposed to leave at 18:45 and had a connection to St. Louis (what.) that would have eventually put me in New Orleans at 22:00 - not in time for me to go to Caylie's birthday party.  I got to the airport at about 14:30 and talked to the attendant at Southwest who said that a flight change to a direct flight that left at 16:30 and would have gotten me to New Orleans at 18:00 would have cost me $160.  Since i didn't pay for any of this trip really, i was loathe to do that.  She told me that if my flight had a delay of 15 minutes then i could get put on standby for the earlier flight for free, and that i should be able to get on the flight since there were plenty of open seats.  I didn't think that it was likely that Southwest would actually delay a flight that much earlier to get me on the standby list, but when i went to that gate to check on it right around the time that they were about to board, i was joking with the woman behind the counter, saying, "i don't suppose you could convince the flight to delay itself just by 15 minutes so i could get on this flight, could you?" and very soon after she said, "as a matter of fact, your connecting flight *is* 15 minutes late, so here you go."  I got back at 17:45 instead of 22:00 and was able to go to Caylie's party.

It was only three days ago that i finished running my contemporary music festival, and i was amazingly happy with how that went.  The Nashville stuff was a great end to what was a crazy but positive week.

Now on to the next one.


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