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Jumping ship?

i've used FCP for years.  The version that we have at the office is FCP Express.
I've heard so many negative things about FCP X that even though they don't exactly apply to me, i'm considering making a switch to Premiere Pro, especially since Tulane owns a license to Creative Cloud so it's basically already bought.  I guess i should learn After Effects too, just for fun.  The biggest impact that I think it will have is on the revamped TUMB Pregame video that i want to try to do this summer after all of the music arranging is done.

I'm a little hesitant about it.  A long time ago before Premiere Pro existed, i tried using Premiere 5 or 6 and it was counterintuitive to me because i was so used to how FCP worked and Premiere was very different from that.  It's kind of like any switch that i've failed to do, Finale to Sibelius being the prime example - there are pros and cons to each paradigm and if i can rattle off a piece of music in Finale in two hours, why take the 10-15 hours to learn a new program?

The analogy isn't quite parallel and recent greater understanding of the Adobe Suite in general makes me feel like the switch would be okay.  I recently fell in love with InDesign and am familiar enough with Photoshop and a little bit of Illustrator that maybe the jump to the video application will be seamless.  We'll see how it goes when i can first bite into it around mid-July if everything else goes according to schedule.

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