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Kung Fury - for a kickstarter project, it has high production value and some big names attached to it, and it's a pretty great over-the-top 80s action homage that's hilarious and amazing at the same time. The long "2-D side scrolling action scene" is absolutely fantastic, and while the script and the action fall apart towards the end, it succeeds at delivering an entertaining retro-pacakge that makes me wish that it had raised the necessary $1mill to make it into a feature film because even if it had resulted in wearing too thin with the longer run time, it would have been ultimately successful as a failure and therefore could not fail to be a success.

Fails the Bechdel test.  The only time two females are even in the same shot together, they don't ever talk to each other, they only ever talk to Kung Fury.

Mad Max: Fury Road - I remember coming out of the movie thinking that I had just taken the equivalent of three huge breaths.  The first real break in the film in the desert made me realize in the middle of watching it that a lot of time had passed in a way that felt simlutaneously like nothing and forever, and then it happened again, and then a third time.  Ultimately I describe the film as beautiful - not because of the success of the action scenes themselves or the beauty of the visual elements, but the construction of the film is beautiful - the depth of story and characters despite little dialogue and the overall flow of the movie both at that depth and at the surface from every short moment to every short moment and every long moment to every long moment was unlike anything that i've experienced in a long while in a single two-hour span of time.  I definitely need to watch it again, although likely not in the theater as it did start to make me feel slightly nauseous.

Passes the Bechdel test easily.

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Jun. 5th, 2015 07:08 am (UTC)
I'm really looking forward to seeing Mad Max: Fury Road!
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