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the return of lent productivity

A long time ago i used to use Lent as a pretext to be creative - 40 photos for 40 days was the common one, although i sometimes did other things too, such as "make sure you compose at least a little bit of music every day" or "make sure you clean one thing in the apartment every day" or the like.  This was at a time when doing that was fairly trendy around my group at Tulane.

I stopped doing that a few years ago now, but I've had the urge to do it again just to try to help me get out of the psuedo lazy funk i've been in.  It hasn't actually been a lazy funk, it's been more that i've been so goddamned busy that in my free time i have a tendency to veg and not be productive, and while that's a reasonable thing to expect, it feels like a waste.  I need a new spark to make sure i'm balancing the relaxation time with personal productivity time in a way that has definitely shifted to relax only.

So here it is.  Lent 2016 will be 'write a blog entry every day until Easter'.  It doesn't have to be long, but it has to be something, and it has to be something relevant to what's happening in my life right now or something that's going through my mind.  It also feels more appropriate to do that here on my LJ rather than my own blog of mendellee since that blog is more professional than personal and i want this to feel more personal.

Not sure what i'll write about through this time.  There's a lot of stuff i feel like i should get off of my chest, but i'm very conscious about interent scrutiny because of my profession as a teacher.  It's likely that most of this stuff will be fairly safe, but some more risqué stuff may creep in here every now and again.  Maybe i'll even have to use that 'adult content' lag which does something that i don't know.  We'll see.

Having day one as purely an introductory post seems like cheating, but whatever.  I have a lot of stuff to do today, and i'm doing babbling rooks this evening anyway.  Real entries will start tomorrow.

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