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lent day 5: telly in 50 words or less

Legends of Tomorrow:  a huge mess.  maybe when things get calm i'll give it another try, but right now it's not worth the time to dredge through the awful episodes.

Elementary: remains my favorite show these days.  There is no better Watson and there is no better Watson/Holmes dynamic.  Also apprecaite that it's the only show that can place non-monogamy in a neutral/positive light.

The Flash: season 2 is pretty strong, particularly the Dr. Wells character.  I wish Patty was a permanent character.

Limitless: Suffers the most from shaky plots and inconsistency of tone, but it's still fun to watch in a Leverage kind of way.  Headquarters! is one of the goofiest things i've ever seen on television.

Supergirl: The first 10 episodes could be hit or miss but were a lot more hits than misses.  Since then it's started to deteriorate in annoying ways, so i may drop it after season 1.

Agent Carter: Vastly different from season 1, I could do without the multiple love triangle aspects, but it's still solid.  Main antag is very well-played and characterized.  I put it on par with SHIELD season 3, although i like SHIELD better.

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