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So Kyle and I have both discovered that trying to answer deep and meaningful questions while playing either a tabeltop or video game can be somewhat challenging because you can't really focus on either the way you need to to be succesful.  It's dificult for me to gauge how much the babble translates into something entertaining to other people, to real spectators, but it's partially a non-issue.  As in, it might be more audience-friendly to just talk about the game like every single Let's Play video does, but that's not the primary purpose of the project for me - the roundtable discussion atmosphere is what i feel is the most important and the game stuff is fun but secondary.

It's been an interesting experiment to find the right kind of game that works best for this format.  I feel like The Swapper episode was the best one in some ways because i never had to really concentrate on gameplay since it's a solo game, and i feel like the least successful one was Coup because we had to interact with each other verbally through the game pretty constantly and that would cut into the verbal of the Q&A.

We'll see what happens as time progresses. The episode we recorded yesterday for Gauntlet II will go up on Sunday, Kyle is picking the next game, we'll see what he chooses.

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