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lent day something: Deadpool (2016)

i liked it but i didn't love it.  i think part of the reason why is that the movie wasn't what i expected based on a) the trailers, b) what people were saying about it, and c) the initial tone.  It's possible i might like it better after a second viewing now that i know that the movie is as much of a serious movie as it is whacky.

It's funny, because while i can understand the reason for the R-rating, the movie didn't seem to be actually geared for an adult audience because it felt mostly like a kids cartoon.  the violence in particular felt like Fast Action Slick Cool Video Game, and the amount of crude jokes and deliberate overabundance of profanity felt like trying to create shock value like a rebellious yet awkward teen would, and the romance/love side, while better, ended up feeling more fairy tale than anything of real substance.  the one exception to this to me was the development of the relationship between Deadpool and Ajax.  There was actual development and nuance in that relationship in a way that none of the other relationships had.  That's what saved the movie from being pure fluff for me, what actually drew me in more than anything else.

Criticisms aside, the script writing was actually mostly great - flowed, had character, and never felt jarring or inconsistent even with its constantly shifting tone.  Dazzling visuals fizzle for me amidst shitty dialogue, and that wasn't the case here, so overall i'd still have to rate it a success, although i don't feel the need to ever watch it again.

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Mar. 1st, 2016 09:40 pm (UTC)
Seeing it this Friday finally.. woot!
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