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1. within the first 20 minutes of our Winds rehearsal the sprinklers went off and we had to go into serious "TRUCK WATER TRUCK WATER" mode.  The floor is now soaked and needs to dry.
2. At the end of the evening, my bag disappeared.  It didn't have much in it because i unloaded a bunch of stuff, but it did have my work iPad, my $200 sunglasses, and the bag itself was about $150.


1. We recovered rehearsal and was able to get some good work done that made everyone feel more comfortable.  Even though we didn't get everything done that we needed to, the group has proven itself in its dedication and its earnest and is pushing really hard.  I feel good about the direction of the program in the long term, and i'm very proud of what they've accomplished to this point.
2. When i got home at about 02:00 after recording Rooks, i found a message on my facebook profile from a guy who said, "hey, i picked up your bag.  It's safe and sound, where and when do you want me to bring it to you?"

All in all, no complaints at all.

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