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lent day 14: updating about updates

my professional website needs to be updated which i'm probably going to do after the nF festival ends.

i need to catch up on lent entries.  My goal is to still write 40 entries even if it goes past easter.  I have some drafts set up for some incomplete entries, i just need to follow through on it all.

The GWBB page on the TUMB website also needs an update, but i'm hesitant to put a lot of work into that until we figure out what's going to happen to the TUMB website overall, which is something that's going to get propsoed in our operations summt in a couple of months.  A GWW page will also have to go up.

nF website is almost updated with all of the relevant nF info, it looks like a real site, finally.  There still needs to be some fleshing out, but overall i'm pretty happy with how it's going.  I need to start putting together the festival program and figure out what i need to do for the individual programs.

i've decided i need to get a new phone.  the nexus 5x is pretty much a failure because 2gb of RAM and slower processor.  Probably going to look into that in a couple of months.

i also need to update how i live my life.  not sure if i can apply for some sort of hardware upgrade to my brain. if someone has advice on that, i'd love to have it.      

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