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lent 16: computer moods

a few months ago, the bluetooth on my lappy stopped working.

i rebooted.  i zapped the PRAM, the NVRAM, the Patrridge in a Pear Tree RAM, tried other fixes, nothing.

It wasn't a *huge* deal, but it was inconvenient.  Add the fact that one of my USB ports wasn't working either and i was putting some consideration into maybe buying a new laptop.  Not serious consideration, but it was a serious maybe.  It became a backburner consideration because life got super hectic primarily because of nienteForte and a few other projects, but it was something i was going to reexplore over the summer.

Then, just yesterday, the bluetooth started working again.  i'm fairly sure i didn't update any drivers at all since i never have automatic updates on.  It just decided to do it on its own.

computers are so finnicky sometimes.

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