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conspiracy theory

it seems like a lot of the television shows i tend to like get cancelled.

Farscape, Invisible Man, Batman Beyond, First Wave. If you want to stretch back further, you have shows like Brimstone, Highwayman.

Granted, there are shows i like that haven't. at least not yet. Samurai Jack is still pretty strong. Although Highlander got cancelled, it was on for about seven seasons. and shows like law and order never die. But sometimes it perplexes me why so many shows i'm fond of inevitably get cancelled by the networks. Sure, they're genre, non-mainstream, but still.

So i came up with this theory that it's a big conspiracy. They're out to get me. The nielson people hone in specifically to my television, somehow manage to differentiate between when i watch tv and when my roommate watches tv, and says, "aha! there's another show he watches. let's cancel it next year."

I'm not sure if it's true or not, but if it is, think of the power I have. All i need to do is start watching a show that I really hate. If i watch a show I hate on a regular basis - get attached to the characters, find all of the times that the show is on even when they change the time to see if the viewers will adjust their schedule - then inevitably that show will get cancelled. and that way, i can get rid of a lot of the crappy programming on tv for the greater good of humanity. I'll be taking one for the team.

It's hard to say what I would want to get rid of. I mean, i'd probably have to sit and watch a whole season of a show that i despise. maybe even two seasons. Watching two consecutive seasons of a show like Survivor or that new Jon Ritter comedy... that can do things to people. Things that have permanent scarring potential.

Maybe what i need to do is lead up to it. watch a show that I kind of like, but don't love or hate. one step at a time.


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