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a bump in the road

So i talked to Mike Guido yesterday about the possibility of hosting an ITG at the ATAM, and he said that things have changed there, and he's not sure he's going to have the space for it.

I think they're losing money and trying to find ways to keep the place alive, so he's re-strategizing the use of some of the rooms. The back room where the skee ball used to be is going to turn into a day care center, which means that it won't be available for any video games whatsoever. The pool table room is going to turn into an "after school room" which means that it won't be available after 3pm for a stretch of time. Which means that it might be hard enough trying to find the space to host the two machines that already exist, much less a third one.

I asked him about maybe buying the other DDR machine already in the ATAM and using that, and he was worried about it because he wants to make sure that at least one DDR machine exists at the location, and he's not sure what dyaus7's plans for his machine are after their contract is up.

There are a couple of options to pursue, like maybe putting it in the same area where the skee ball machines are now (in the Big Room), which might not be ideal, but i'd still be willing to do. I think it's more up to Mike. I told him i'd talk to him in maybe a week or two when the legal logistics of him running a day care gets finalized and see how willing he'd be to still try to work something out.

If it doesn't work out, i'm not sure if there's another location that would be willing to profit share, or even if there was, if they'd be trustworthy.



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