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life of mendel

or at least what i choose to write about it.

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(ver. 3.1 - Sept 11)

the artist formerly known as darknote


in all aspects of my life i try not to be anything more or less than Simply Me, and so far this has held me in very good stead. i don't try to categorize myself in any particular group because i find that it limits what sorts of people i teach, learn from, and interact with.

If the person that i am is someone you're interested in getting to know, you are most likely welcome. If you're not interested, that's okay too.


this blog, dubbed "life of mendel", is where i reside the most. it's my life and short thoughts blog. my presence on the internet is predominantly in four other places:

[mendellee.com], my personal professional webspace. This also houses my long thoughts blog dubbed [mendel's ramblings].

[google plus] as Mendel Lee.

my youtube channel, dubbed [mendeltube].

facebook, as [mendel.lee.zero].

I also have a [twitter account], but google plus has pretty much replaced that.


- i use a paradigm of links vs. [links]. links lead to LJ or my own webspace. [links] lead to outside pages.
- i write a lot and i take my LJ universe seriously.
- i read or at least skim my friends page religiously and care deeply about every individual that graces my pages with their awesomeness.

i'm fairly certain that's all you need to know about me here. feel free to say hello. i promise i'll say hello back. :)
14key, 9-ball, adult swim, alton brown, always discovering something new, audio/video engineering, batman beyond, bemani, billiards, boggle, bondage, charlie brooker, classic video games, closed captioning, complex heavy metal, composition, contemporary classical music, continually learning, cuddling, cycling '74, cymbals, dark beer, ddr, doctor who, drum corps, electronic music, electronica, erotica, experimental music, extinction chess, flirting as an artform, four against five, futurama, green lantern, homestar runner, homsar, iidx, in the groove, interactive music, interests-greater-than-four-words, irregular phrase structures, irregular time signatures, kuroneko-sama, kyma, leonard shelby, liquor, love, lust, macintosh, marching band, max/msp, memory, microtonal music, nicholas wolfwood, no-limit texas hold'em, nolan bushnell, non-alphabetical interest lists, non-linear conceptions of time, not wearing a wristwatch, number two bass drum, open fifths, pat lawlor, pat's cheese steaks, percussion, pinball, poker, polyamory, polyfidelity, polyrhythm, pop'n music, pot-limit omaha, pushing sexual fulfillment boundaries, quite interesting, ribbon crashes, samurai jack, sexual exploration, sexuality, shigeru miyamoto, slide chokes, sound design, sound/absence of sound, south park, spicy food, stargate atlantis, stephen fry, stepmania, steve ritchie, steven brust, straight pool, tastykakes, teaching, the mastery of foreplay, thunderstorms, two plus two publishing, vash the stampede, video game history, vlad taltos, walking in the rain, which-doesn't-seem-possible, winter percussion

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